dry dates

DRY DATE/ Choara

We are Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan. Dried dates can be eaten raw and used in a variety of products like cakes, sweets, marzipans, puddings, bread etc. Dates can even be used in cookies, ice-cream or candy bars. Dates are sometimes used to make pickles as well. There are even juices of dates that are used as a non-alcoholic drink during the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

Dates are cholesterol free as well as fat free and are a very important source of energy and food. Dates, when soaked in water and eaten can be useful to build up the heart. Dry Dates is also used in combination with betel nets in popular supari brands.We are Dry Dates Exporters Pakistan. Date oil is used for making cosmetics and soaps. The seed of dates is used to make traditional medicines. Dates can be made into a paste or syrup and be used as a medicine for sore throats, colds and fever.Date seeds are even soaked in water until soft and used as food for animals such as horses, sheep and goats. In some places the seeds of dates are ground and are used to make bread during scarcity. These are even burnt to be used as charcoal for silversmiths.