Irri 6


IRRI-6 is the low priced, high volume rice. This variety is grown in the Lower Sindh province of Pakistan and is a major export quality to a number of Middle Eastern and African Ports. International Rice Research Institute has also evolved this variety. It is classified as long grain rice having the length of grain between 5.70 mm to 6.00 mm. It is non-aromatic variety. On cooking its elongation ratio is lower than all the other-mentioned varieties. Thickness is observed in the grains on cooking. It is the cheapest quality of rice in Pakistan.

Specification Of Non-Basmati Rice Irri 6
Product Name: Non-Basmati Rice Irri 6

Product Features Quantity
Moisture Content: 14% Max.
Average Grain Length: 6.6mm
Polishing Grade:  Double/Silky Polished
Light Yellow Grains:  1%
Broken Grains: 5% Max.
Chalky Grains: 3% Max.
Contrasting Varieties:  7% Max.
Under-milled u0026amp; Red-striped: 0.5% Max.
Colour: White
Milling Degree:  Well Milled