Dry Dates G-1

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Dates, popularly known as “khajoor” are the fruit of date palm trees. They are cultivated all over the world especially across tropical regions. Dates are sweet and chewy, available in soft, semi-dry, and dry varieties.

Some describe the taste and texture of a date as a chewier, more caramelly raisin. Dates have a very high sugar content, and like bananas, their sweetness intensifies the riper they get. You can tell a date is fresh and ready to eat when it has a wrinkled exterior, looks nice and plump and has a slightly glossy sheen

According to Ayurveda, dates are cooling and soothing in nature and provides strength. Dates or khajoor are high in fibre, a rich source of iron to help boost your haemoglobin levels and an instant energy booster. Eating dates is also said to reduce high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

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