Onyx Egg 2.5″


Onyx resonates with the earth chakra and its clear to see why, with all of its earthly colors swirling within the eggs. Large Onyx egg representing the magic and symbol of new beginnings and of life force. The Onyx gemstone is recommended for those who are looking for assistance with sorrow, grief, depression, improving self confidence, eyes, hair, nails, negative perceptions and opening of all chakras.

The large egg also known as the beginner egg is usually the first egg use after child birth and/or for weak pelvic muscles.

The medium egg is for the intermediate user who may just want to maintain strength in the yoni muscles and who don’t  want to experience weak pelvic floor muscles.

The small egg is used by experts who have the ability to control the yoni egg with their pelvic floor muscles.

Beautiful vintage onyx marble stone egg – perfect decorator item
onyx marble egg
these look wonderful together.

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