Onyx Square Lamp 4*12″

$ 38.45


COLOR: shades and warm tones of beige, ivory, off-white, grey, caramel and light brown parts and veins.
Heavy and top quality. It fits in a wide variety of designs from rustic to contemporary.

Created for those who want to tap into the power of one of the most protective stones on earth, this Onyx Lamp will help you feel safe from within and emanate a sense of peace from without.

The perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies, the light emitting from this cube tower transcends many difficulties in life with its calming properties. For those striving toward success it has been said that white Onyx will enhance your focus and strength while simultaneously calming your nerves to make sure you stay on track throughout any endeavor.

Known as a stone associated with protection, healing, mind power and embodiment among other virtues, owning such a powerful crystal is like carrying an ancient secret with you anywhere – just remember that self love can be our greatest protection.

All lamps come with PYGMY 12w bulb and standard 3pin UK plug.

Height- 30 cm
Width- 10 cm
Depth- 10 cm

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