Water Softener Salt Tablets (NaCl) 99.9%

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Descriptions. Sodium chloride is used as an electrolyte replenisher to help prevent heat cramps caused by too much sweating. This medicine is also used for the preparation of normal isotonic solution of sodium chloride. This medicine is available without prescription.

Sodium chloride 23.4% injection is used to replenish lost water and salt in your body due to certain conditions (eg, hyponatremia or low salt syndrome). It is also used as an additive for total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and carbohydrate-containing IV fluids.

Also known as salt or halite Sodium Chloride has a number of uses.

Meets the requirements of BS EN 973:2009 and BSEN 14805:2008
Food Grade Material used for the treatment of water intended for Human Consumption,

A doctor may prescribe or recommend salt tablets when a person has symptoms of hyponatremia, meaning they have low levels of sodium in the blood. A normal blood sodium level is around 135–145 milliequivalents/liter (mEq/L). A doctor will diagnose hyponatremia when levels of sodium fall to under 135 mEq/L

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