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Minimum amount of Himalayan Fire bowl with Chunks Salt Lamp` that can be bought is 100

Himalayan Fire bowl with Chunks Salt Lamp`


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about this item:

Introducing our Himalayan Salt Fire Ball with Chunks – a captivating and unique addition to your space, crafted from the purest Himalayan salt to infuse warmth and a touch of nature into your surroundings.

Key Features:

  1. Artistic Fire Ball Design: Enhance the ambiance of your space with this eye-catching fire ball, featuring chunks of authentic Himalayan salt.

  2. Pure Himalayan Salt: Mined from the pristine Himalayan mountains, the salt chunks boast natural purity and potential health benefits.

  3. Chunky Aesthetics: Admire the beauty of varying salt chunk sizes, creating an organic and rustic appeal.

  4. Warm and Inviting Glow: When lit, the fire ball emits a soft, warm glow, transforming your space into a cozy haven.

  5. Air Purification: Harness the air-purifying benefits of Himalayan salt, believed to cleanse the air by attracting and trapping impurities.

Important note:

due to the hygroscopic properties of salt Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders absorb moisture from the air.  
If your lamp is 'sweating' or leaking water, this is generally due to the lamp being switched off for extended periods, especially in humid conditions. To remedy this, leave the lamp in sunlight for 4 to 5 hours and brush off any excess crystals.  Or wipe gently with a dry cloth.  If you don't use a Himalayan salt lamp for long periods of time (eg when on holiday), disconnect the cable and remove it from the lamp.  In humid conditions, we recommend placing your lamp onto a small tray or dish in case it may pool water.


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