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Sohail Ahmed Khan

Sohail Ahmed Khan

MD Nida Trading

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Qazi Aziz Iqbal

CEO Export Nida Trading

Karim uddin Tahir

Karim uddin Tahir

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Received the bowl! TYSM. I’ve already recommended you guys to many of my friends and family.

Dr. Tasnim Ahsan

love it

Vase looks so adorable. Artisan did her work so well. Detail oriented and quality paint

Malika Awan


I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.


Very Nice Lamp!

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Each gemstone tells a story of nature's artistry, capturing light and color in a mesmerizing beauty.


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It seems like you're talking about a company named Nida Trading that specializes in manufacturing Himalayan pink salt lamps, onyx marble lamps, and handicrafts. These products are often associated with home decor and wellness due to the perceived benefits of Himalayan salt and the aesthetic appeal of onyx marble. If you're looking for information about a "Home button Tex," it's not clear what you're referring to. Could you please provide more context or clarify your request? Featuring mesmerizing patterns and rich tones, our onyx creations, spanning from countertops to sculptures, impart a refined touch of sophistication. Enrich your living environment with the enduring charm of onyx, seamlessly merging luxury with artistic craftsmanship.

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