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Minimum amount of Himalayan Fire Bowl with Ball Salt Lamp that can be bought is 100

Himalayan Fire Bowl with Ball Salt Lamp


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Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance created by this Himalayan salt lamp, a natural remedy for relaxation and rejuvenation. The lamp's warm, soothing light offers respite from stress and anxiety, while its bulbs actively purify the air by removing pollutants like dust and allergens.

Within this exquisite lamp, coveted pink Himalayan beads deftly capture moisture and emit ions, potentially reducing allergy rates for individuals dealing with asthma. The lamp's natural fire bowls serve a dual purpose, adding an appealing decorative touch and creating a captivating atmosphere in any room.

It's essential to note that Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from its surroundings. Consequently, the lamp may feel damp upon receipt, a normal occurrence as the absorbed moisture is released. This moisture will evaporate once the lamp is illuminated. Imported from Pakistan, the birthplace of this salt, these lamps, including our broader Himalayan salt range, have undertaken a significant journey in boxes. Thus, the process of absorbing and releasing moisture may render the lamps damp initially.

Rest assured, the lamp will reach you securely packaged, complete with a bulb and a UK plug.

All lamps are equipped with a PYGMY 12w bulb and a standard 3-pin UK plug.

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