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Minimum amount of jet black & fossil chess board that can be bought is 100

jet black & fossil chess board


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about this item:

Onyx marble is a beautiful and unique material that can be used to create elegant and stylish chess sets for home decor. Here's a detailed description of an Onyx Marble Chess set for home and decor:

1. Material:

  • Onyx marble is a natural stone known for its translucent appearance and striking patterns. It often comes in various shades of colors, including white, green, brown, and orange.

2. Chess Board:

  • The chessboard is crafted from a solid piece of Onyx marble, showcasing the natural veining and color variations. The smooth and polished surface enhances the aesthetic appeal.

3. Chess Pieces:

  • The chess pieces are intricately carved from Onyx marble blocks. Each piece, whether it's a pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, or king, reflects the unique patterns and colors of the stone.

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