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Minimum amount of USB Salt Lamp Cube that can be bought is 100

USB Salt Lamp Cube


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Your home exudes warmth and comfort with the carefully hand-carved Himalayan salt lamp, crafted with affection.

This exquisitely designed piece not only enhances the aesthetics of your living space but also contributes to air purification and imparts a soothing glow. Whether you're seeking a touch of light therapy or simply aiming to add radiance to your dwelling, our impeccably crafted lamps complement every setting. The newly introduced Square Basket style makes them exceptionally easy to place in compact areas where they can truly shine.

Cleaning these lamps is a breeze—just use a slightly damp cloth. Thanks to the salt's natural antibacterial properties, no additional cleaning methods are necessary.

Himalayan salt possesses hygroscopic properties, meaning it absorbs moisture from its surroundings. Consequently, it's normal for the lamp to feel damp upon arrival, as the absorbed moisture is released. Rest assured, this is a natural process, and the dampness will evaporate once the lamp is lit. Our Himalayan salt range, including these lamps, is imported from Pakistan, the birthplace of this salt. The lamps may arrive slightly damp due to the moisture absorption and release during transportation.

Please be aware that each lamp is a unique, hand-carved creation. Variations are expected, and the item you receive may not exactly match the one depicted in the picture.

Every lamp comes complete with a bulb and a UK 3-pin plug.

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