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Minimum amount of Onyx Cylinder Ring Lamp that can be bought is 73

Onyx Cylinder Ring Lamp


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about this item:

1. Material:

  • The Onyx Cylinder Ring is crafted from genuine Onyx, a natural stone prized for its striking appearance and unique patterns. Onyx is available in various colors, such as black, white, green, and brown, allowing for diverse design options.

2. Design:

  • The ring features a cylindrical shape, providing a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. The smooth and polished surface of the Onyx accentuates the natural beauty of the stone, creating a sleek and stylish piece of jewelry.

3. Setting:

  • The Onyx Cylinder Ring may have a simple setting that allows the focus to be on the cylindrical Onyx stone. The setting could be made of materials like sterling silver, gold, or other metals, enhancing the overall design.

4. Dimensions:

  • The dimensions of the ring will vary based on individual preferences and design choices. The cylindrical shape may extend vertically or be more compact, depending on the desired style and comfort.

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